There's good reason sailors have been visiting the islands of Greece for millenia - you simply can't go wrong sailing around these world famous islands. From the Italian influenced islands of the Ionian Sea to the picture postcard views of the Cyclades to the laid-back friendliness of the Dodecanses there is literally years worth of exploring to be done.

Highlights of the Ionian include Corfu, Anti-Paxos (the only place in the world Harrods gets its olive oil from), Kephalonia (the setting of Captain Correlli's Mandolin), Ithica and Zakinthos (one of the few places in Greece that turtles come ashore to nest).

The trip from the Ionian Sea to the Aegean Sea will take you through the Gulf of Corinth visiting the towns of Missolonghi and Galaxidhi where day trips can be taken to the ancient ruins of Delphi before passing through the spectacular Corinth Canal to the Saronic Gulf. Alternatively you can sail around the bottom of the Pelopanese staying in small towns and unspoilt islands well off the path of most tourists.

The Aegean is of course home to the famous Cycladic islands of Mykonos and Santorini - but they're just the start. Other highlights include Milos, Folegandros, Anti-Paros, Kythnos, Amorgos and Ios.

On the eastern side of the Aegean Sea lies the Dodecanese Islands - from famous places such as Rhodes and Kos to the smaller islands of Symi, Patmos and Agrothonisi the Dodecanese is a fantastic place to sail.