What We Do

MedSailing.info was established to enable me to share both the knowledge and experience I've gained from more than 10 years sailing in the Eastern Mediterranean Sea.

Over the last 10 years I've shown nearly 100 people the sights, sounds and tastes of the Mediterranean and introduced many of those peope to the magic of life aboard a sailing yacht. If you're interested in finding out more about what it is to sail in the beautiful blue waters of the Eastern Mediterranean, from the weather to the food, from the best beaches to the best anchoring techniques, from buying a boat to the buracratic formalities of sailing between countries then I've probably got the information you need.

Who I Am

As a typical New Zealander I've been around boats since I could walk. After many years cruising and racing yachts along the beautiful coast of New Zealand's North Island I shifted my focus to the Mediterranean. I have Coastal and Ocean Yachtmaster qualifications as well as Ham Radio, Ocean Medic and Exteme Sea Survival certifications - the last two of which are yet to be tested! As well as sailing thousands of miles in both New Zealand and the Mediterranean I've spent 17 days at sea sailing across the Pacific Ocean from Tahiti to New Zealand.

37 Rocks is my fifth yacht and the second boat I've owned in the Mediterranean. While my longer term plans involve sailing back to New Zealand I'm more than happy to keep soaking up the sun for another few years and showing people what I think is the best place for a sailing holiday in the world.

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